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A warm welcome!
We are the Travel Agent which is based truly on experience. We will supply you an interesting vacation with high quality and full-service touristic packages.
We know how precious your holiday time and funds are, so we will plan for you suitably with your budget, whether you're travelling solo, a couple, family or group.
Through volotour.com, we are committed to offer our customers reliable services and true value at the best price.

Who is the owner?
The website http://www.volotour.com belongs to Minh Tam Trade & Travel Company Limited (Minh Tam T&T ). The company details are:

  Address : 6 Lane 6 Vong Thi Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
Tel : (84-24) 39945830
Fax : (84-24) 37153184
Website : http://www.volotour.com
Email : info@volotour.com


: hoang.cyclist@gmail.com
Mr Hoang Minh Hoang is the manager of Volotour. He already had over 10 year experience in the tourist industry. Before Minh Tam T & T was created, he worked as a trader in the tourist industry from 2007. http://www.volotour.com was created by himself in 2007 offering tours. In 2009, Minh Tam T&T was established, provides tours, hotel bookings and other travel services in Vietnam.

Travel Licence No.GP 01 - 605 / 2014/ TCDL - GP LHQT issued by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.

What are http://www.volotour.com services?

We have Group tour and Private tours

  • Group tour: when you travel solo or with a friend, we have group tours for you. This offers better value for money. You can choose either long tours with multiple days or single day tours and mini trips which we offer every day.
  • Private tour: When you have a group that wants to spend the private time together, you can choose our Private tour and you will have a real vacation exactly as you request. This would be a customized trip.

How can I book tour from http://www.volotour.com?
You can book tour directly from our website  http://www.volotour.com, we will reply you during 24 hours. Or you can go to our places:

* Main office: Minh Tam Trade & Travel Company Limited

Address : 6 Lane 6 Vong Thi Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
Tel : (84-24) 39945830
Fax : (84-24) 37153184
Email : info@volotour.com