Tuberose (Hoa Hue)

Tuberoses belong to the daffodil species. They are short and grow thin flowers.
Tuberose plants absorb a lot of sunlight, but can still grow in the winter when most other species become scarce. Their blossoms are pure white and emanate a sweet fragrance at night. They are often used in religious ceremonies.


Tuberose plants absorb a lot of sunlight, but can still grow in the winter when most other species become scarce. Their blossoms are pure white and emanate a sweet fragrance at night. They are often used in religious ceremonies.





Chrysanthemum (Hoa Cuc)

The chrysanthemum is a type of beautiful flower with a mild and secretive scent. Its petals do not fall like those of roses or other flowers, which is why chrysanthemums are often placed on altars. 






They can be displayed in various ways, such as in a vase, a pot, a bowl, or planted in jars to decorate the house, or be placed on the balcony or on the veranda.

Chrysanthemums are classified into two classes, single or double flowers. All the varieties have very refined and soft colours; there are often yellow and white flowers. Chrysanthemums are planted all year round.

The chrysanthemum is often looked upon as an intimate friend, classified as one of the gentlemanly flowers. The chrysanthemum has many uses in art and medicine.






Peach Flower (Hoa Dao)

The peach flower plant grows only in North Vietnam. It is the special flower of the Vietnamese New Year because of its red colour, which is believed to bring many favourable opportunities throughout the year.





There are four varieties of peach flowers. The dao bich has a deep rosy colour and the plant bears many flowers; it is usually planted in jars or pots for entertaining during the New Year. The dao phai (pale peach flower) flower is a pale rosy colour and the plant bears many flowers, but is generally planted for its fruits. The dao bach (white peach flower) is relatively difficult to grow. These three varieties of peach flowers all bear double flowers. The that thon plant is small and low; the flowers are small and of many colours.
Among those colours, those that are deep red are generally grown in pots and their trunks and branches generally bend so that it becomes an ornamental plant. The sprigs of the peach flowers from the of Nhat Tan are a precious gift sent to relatives living in the South on the occasion of the New Year. The peach flower plant and its flowers are now present in many European countries.






Orchid (Hoa Lan)

Orchid is sovereign flowers that are enchantingly beautiful. Orchids usually grow on the trunks of very high, big trees, located on cliffs where it is humid and where sunlight is abundant.





There are two groups of orchids, including aerial orchids (phong lan) and terrestrial orchids(dia lan). Aerial orchids usually have their roots anchored in high, big trees and their branches hang down from the tree trunks. They have very thin petals, but their colours are time enduring. Their scent is very mild, soft, and pure. Terrestrial orchids, on the contrary, have their roots anchored in the earth or a hollow in a rock where there is humus or litter. The terrestrial orchids, with varieties that include bach cap, to tam, hoang vu, anh kim, hac dinh, loan diem, etc., have bright colours and mild and flowing scents.

Orchids come from the mountainous regions of the country, but because of their amiable beauty, they are present in all the famous flower villages on the plains. The Dalat Flower Garden is an almost complete collection of all of the precious and rare orchids of Vietnam.






Yellow Apricot Flower (Hoa Mai)

If the peach flower is the symbol of Tet in the north, then the yellow apricot flower is its counterpart in the South. The yellow apricot flower belongs to the family of hoang mai (meaning “yellow apricot” in Chinese), which is a forest plant.





The trunk and sprigs of the yellow apricot flower are suppler than those of the peach plant. The flowers grow in bunches and have stalks that hang loosely near the branches at the side of the leaves. The flowers are yellow and their scent is modestly secretive. The leaves of the yellow apricot flower fall in the winter. There are varieties of yellow apricot, including mai tu qui (apricot of all seasons) and nhi do mai, which begin to produce red coloured fruit after blossoming.

Mai chieu thuy, the aquatic variety of apricot flower, have small leaves and small flowers that blossom in white, scented bunches. Mai chieu thuy, which blossoms in the spring, is generally planted in small rock gardens. Its trunk and branches are trimmed and bent so that it becomes a sculptured plant.

The apricot plant, which is planted to give flowers on the occasion of the New Year is planted from seeds or by the grafting of branches. The plant can be planted in gardens, in flowerbeds, or in pots.





Lotus (Hoa Sen)

Lotus is a soft plant living mainly in water. This pink or white flower belongs to a species of plant called hollyhock. Another species of lotus with a very small trunk, leaves, and flowers is named little lotus. It can be planted in a vase of water or in an ornamental pond.





Lotus flowers have been growing for millions of years. In Vietnam, the lotus is classified as one the four gentlemanly flowers along with pine, bamboo, and chrysanthemum. The lotus is also classified as one in the four qui (four seasons), which also includes orchid, chrysanthemum, and apricot. Lotus is the symbol of summer because it blossoms in summer when there is a lot of sunlight and its scent lightly perfumes the air all around the pond.

Lotus flowers are used in different ways: the flowers are offered to deities, the seeds are used for tea, and the leaves are used to wrap green rice. Lotus seeds can also be made into a tonic medicine and anesthetic and into an ingredient for sweet soup and other recipes.






Water Lily (Hoa Sung)

Water lilies, which often grow wild in ponds and lakes, are classified into two species: lotus water lilies, planted in lakes around pagodas and imperial palaces; and wild water lilies, found in ponds, with a white or violet flower.





In the south, the stem of lotus water lily is used in meals.