(TITC) – Homestay has been a very attractive tourism form which not only provides accommodation services, meals, but also offers an interesting experience of indigenous life.

Recently, a homestay project has been implemented in a primitive village - Chi Village, Quang Binh District, Ha Giang Province, creating jobs for many households.

There are more than 100 households in the village; of which 7 households have involved in providing homestay services for tourists. A co-operative has been established to receive tourists from travel agencies and assign work for individual households.

According to Mr Hoang Van Thuy – Chairman of the community-based tourism co-operative of Chi Village, in the coming time, the locality will make more efforts to develop tourism into a key business and maintain the local identity.

With 20 years of experience in the tourism industry, Mr Vo Buu Uy who founded the project wanted to impart tourism business knowledge and understanding of tourist behavior for local people, heading towards sustainable and responsible tourism development.

Although Chi Village tourist destination has just attracted some tens of tourist waves since its launch, the experience here satisfied most Western tourists. According to Mr David Grundy – a British tourist, the villagers consider tourists as their friends and they are very friendly.

In a short time, tourists can participate in such activities as eating, sleeping, working and even attending an indigenous wedding and they can’t forget this experience.

Hong Nhung