A Japanese cultural festival entitled “Ake Ome!” will take place at Giang Vo Exhibition Centre in Hanoi on December 29 to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2014 and promote friendship and solidarity between Vietnam and Japan.

“Ake Ome” is the shortened form of “Akemashite Omedetou”, which means “Happy New Year”.

The festival is expected to feature 40 booths offering Japanese specialties such as cold Soba noodles, traditional Japanese Kadomatsu New Year decorations, carp lanterns and Hamaya bows. Especially, visitors to the festival will have chance to paint a Daruman doll’s eyes for good fortune in the new year; participate in typical activities to welcome the new year in Japan; and buy souvenirs from Japan.

The festival will be held by the Vietnam Exhibition Fair Centre one-member limited liability company, funded from socialization sources./.