Khanh Hoa Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism on November 26 started a two-day training course about laws on protecting resources and environment and  criterion set of the sustainable tourism Green Lotus Label for representatives of 300 tourist accommodations in the province.

The course supplies knowledge about Law on Tourism, Lawn on Water Resource, Law on Cultural Heritage, Laws on Biological Diversity, Law on Minerals, Law on Environment Protection, decrees, circulars, decisions and administrative formalities related to resource and environment protection activities in tourism.

In addition, information about set of criteria of the sustainable tourism Green Lotus Label also has given to the attenders. The certificate of the sustainable tourism Green Lotus Label Green is granted to tourist accommodations which meet standards on environmental protection and sustainable development, make efforts for socioeconomic benefits of the community and the locality, and diminish negative impacts on cultural heritages, natural heritages and environment.