The US Embassy has announced the launch of the US Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) 2014 Competition. 

Vietnamese non-commercial entities may submit proposals of US$10,000 or more for projects to preserve cultural heritage in Vietnam.  Proposals (in English) are due to the Embassy Hanoi by December 16, 2013. 

Grants may be made to Vietnamese non-commercial entities, such as nongovernmental organizations, museums, ministries of culture, or similar institutions and organizations that are able to demonstrate that they have the requisite experience and capacity to manage projects to preserve cultural heritage. 

AFCP does not award grants to individuals, commercial entities, or past award recipients which have not fulfilled the reporting requirements of previous AFCP awards.

Program activities may include cultural sites, cultural objects and collections and forms of traditional cultural expression.

Proposals for projects that meet one or more of the following criteria will receive consideration in FY 2014: directly support US treaty or bilateral agreement obligations, such as cultural property protection agreements; strengthen capacity in country to preserve and protect cultural heritage; support the preservation of inscribed World Heritage sites; advance long-term cultural preservation objectives, lay the groundwork for subsequent AFCP-supported activities, or encourage the continued or expanded application of proven methods at the project site or elsewhere; and engage women, youth, or under-served communities.