Along with the very beautiful landscape of beaches, Nha Trang is known as a place having a lot of cultural activities. Beside large-scale cultural events the city has host, Nha Trang remains a lot of arts programs frequently which become an attraction to tourists.

Music programs open free in streets

Going along Nha Trang beach on weekend evenings, tourists can come across art shows to see easily. Tourists who want to contemplate traditional arts can come to the stage in front of 46 Tran Phu Street, opposite to 2-4 Square, where many forms of traditional music are performed professionally by the troupe from the provincial Traditional Arts Theater. Attending a classical drama here, David M.Johnston, a British tourist, satisfactorily said, “I always love to discover culture and people in the land where I travel to. Traditional art is a must-see. How interesting to enjoy it here. Your classical drama is attractive and new to me.”

In addition, sometimes there are performances on streets by young people, students of Nha Trang College of Culture, Arts and Tourism or some professional troupes.

Besides, tourists also can enjoy performances of traditional music instruments such as 16-chord zither, monochord, lithophone, t’rung and folk songs in Hon Chong and Cham dances in Ponagar Temple. “I feel that Nha Trang people have a much love for music and your music is very attractive”, said Vicent Wee, a tourist from Singapore.

Many programs in restaurants, hotels and resorts

Restaurants, hotels and tourist spots in Nha Trang themselves also organize arts shows to serve tourists. For example, resorts like Vinpearl Land, MerPerle Spackling Waves and Diamond Bay have daily shows with many kinds of music.

Meanwhile, Champa, Yasaka-Saigon-Nhatrang and Lodge often have music nights with Vietnamese famous singers and Louisiane and Sailing Club hold DJ nights suitable for foreign tourists.