– Not just one cave, but two. The caves are the two largest in the Tu Lan cave system.

– The caves offer both gigantic size and unusual formations.

– Explored and surveyed by the British Cave Research Association for the first time in 1994, though they’ve been known to locals for much longer.

– Hang Tien means “fairy cave”, due to the otherworldly environment that inspired local stories of fantasy beings.

– It is not possible to sleep inside the caves, but there are stunning campsites in the jungle near the cave openings.

– Located just outside of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, home to the world’s largest caves.

– Oxalis Adventure works with the British Cave Research Association and the Vietnamese government to carry out the tours.

– You can visit Hang Tien on one-day, two-day and three-day experiences with Oxalis Adventure.


The twin Hang Tien caves were first visited by the British Cave Research Association in 1994 and explored further in 2015. This part of Vietnam is particularly wild, and it was difficult to find all the openings, so the locals provided invaluable assistance. The caves lie outside of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

Geology & size

The Hang Tien caves are the largest in the Tu Lan cave system, combining the massiveness experienced in caves like Hang En with the fascinating formations associated with this system. Hang Tien 1 has the largest chamber, while Hang Tien 2 is the longest at 3km.

The caves are particularly striking for their flora in the entrance passages, made possible by the daylight entering deep into the cave. These cracks also allow drip water into the cave, resulting in numerous stalactites and stalagmites. Stalactites grow from the ceiling and expand by about 1cm every 10 thousand years. The ceiling dome likely formed many years ago when the cave was full of water.

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