Do and Don’t in Vietnam

With many different kinds of travel spots and especially safety, Vietnam is a perfect choice for a holiday. However, there is something that you should pay attention to in order to have the most comfortable trip.


+ Dress suitably and discreetly in public to feel free to enjoy your trip especially in sacred places like pagodas and temples.

+ Be careful when crossing the roads
Traffic jam is one of the most terrific things that frighten foreigners first time coming to Vietnam. Riding bikes or motorbikes will be such an unforgettable experience. But the story will be more interesting when you try to cross the roads in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city. Don’t stop as you cross the busy roads. Frightening as it can be, just keep walking, the traffic will avoid you.

+ Make a bargain
Overcharge is also one of the difficult problems of foreigners in the first time traveling to Vietnam. Therefore, remember to make bargain whatever you buy, please read the reviews carefully to consult the prices, or just contact us for local tips and tricks.


+ Wear a lot of jewelry or show valuables in public
When walking on streets in Vietnam, especially big cities like Ho Chi Minh City, if you wear a lot of jewelry like rings or even make a phone call, you will be a target for pickpockets or robbers. Also when you can’t speak Vietnamese, it will be such a challenge to ask people surrounding you to help you.

+ Express the affection of lovers in public
Western culture encourages or allows people to be free to show their love or affection. By contrast, it is impolite in Eastern culture countries, like in Vietnam. You can see couples holding hands, but they will not kiss when many people can see that. Thus, avoid kissing your friends or lovers in front of other people at public places.

+ Give money to the beggars on the street or tourist attractions.
Actually beggars are sometimes not beggars. There is another way you can help people in difficult circumstances like donating to the charity. Children are exploited to earn money to groups of people, be aware of that.

There are a lot of things you should and shouldn’t do when coming to Vietnam, but don’t worry, if you have any query or need local help, please feel free to call us at Volo Travel to have a satisfied and safe journey.

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