Bat Trang Ceramics Village in Hanoi

Bat Trang Ceramics Village is a 14th century porcelain and pottery village near Hanoi, housing local artisans who combine both traditional and modern techniques to create beautiful porcelain artworks. Not only you are able to purchase some of the finest handmade ceramic products in Vietnam, you can also see them made right before your eyes during your visit.

Located next to the Red River within the Gia Lam District, Bat Trang Ceramics Village Hanoi holds an important place in history of the ceramics industry in Asia, as it’s close to trading ports Thang Long and Pho Hien. Today, visitors can explore its many ceramic stores and workshops to browse through a vast selection of vases, bowls, cups and plates.

The most amazing activity that visitors must try is to create porcelain items themselves. Visitors will be provided a rotating table and a tray of clay to handmade the products. After deciding the shape of your objects and finish it, you can decorate them with your favorite pattern and ask for the glaze to complete the products. Then it is your turn to be freely creative to make your products, whether it is a vase or a bowl with a flower or cartoon pattern. You can choose to left items at the shop or dry them and bring them home as a souvenir.

Bat Trang Ceramics Village Hanoi is about 13 kilometres southeast of Hanoi, which can easily be reached by joining a cultural day tour.

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