Chu Dang Ya Volcano is located in Ploi Lagri village, Chu Dang Ya commune, Chu Pah district, Gia Lai province.

Chu Dang Ya, according to the Jrai language, means chewy ginger root. Chu Dang Ya volcano is hidden between the four mountains, silently, quietly but full of life and full of charm. Remnants of lava over millions of years left Chu Dang Ya a fertile and rich red basalt land. The highlight for the mountain is the blend of flowers, weeds and each season, the mountain will have its own beauty.

The best time to come to Chu Dang Ya is from October to February next year, this season the scenery in Chu Dang Ya is very beautiful with majestic natural scenery. In particular, the wildsunflowers season is in full bloom.

Chu Dang Ya volcano is truly a paradise for those who love the wild and charming beauty of the great Central Highlands. Coming back to Chu Dang Ya is going back to nature, to see the green mountains, the blue sky, where you can immerse yourself in the open space of nature, relax your worries for more energy before returning to the narrow and crowded streets.


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