Tu Le is one village of Van Chan district, Yen Bai province, lies on the road from Nghia Lo to Mu Cang Chai. It is about 250 km north of Ha Noi, in the North West Vietnam region. Tu Le village is a home to the Hmong and Thai community.

Unlike other places, Tu Le lays a much closer feeling, rather than lying on hills or hunks in the valley. Also terraced fields but comfortable and located along the highway, it is fantastic the hand raised is touching, the nose to smell is able to inhale the smell of sticky nourishment into the chest.

During harvesting season, ready crops transitioned to yellow, while new crops still remain in their green color. The scenery is a big attraction to photographer and trekkers. Tu Le’s the most beautiful seasons are rice transplanted season from May to Jun and the harvesting season from September to early October every year.

Not just the beautiful rice fields, Tu Le is also famous for specialties such as sticky rice, Com (green rice/young rice), kitchen buffalo, hand-carried piglets or hill chicken. Especially Tu Le sticky rice here, the reason for this popularity is that the rice grown in Tu Le has a pleasant fragrance which is not lost even when the rice is cooked.

Beside that, favored by nature, Tu Le also owns a year-round hot spring but you should visit from September to April. Previously, when tourism was still underdeveloped, the image and name of Tu Le was “defaulted” by the Thai girls bathing nude in the stream, a so simple but not vulgar beauty making visitors remember forever.

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