Y Linh Ho village Locates about 7km southwest of Sa Pa town, on the west side of Muong Hoa River. This village is home to the Black H’Mong who wears very dark clothes in black and navy dyed with indigo. The name of Y Linh Ho also has a great meaning. According to the elderly elders in the village, the name of Y Linh Ho was placed under the name of the first man who set up the Dao village.

Sometime later, the Dao people in Y Linh Ho started to move away and the Mong people arrived in the village but the name of Y Linh Ho was still named by the village, to commemorate the person who built the village. Its location is now expanded more than before but still far from the main road, it is quiet and peaceful. Therefore, tourists must pass a long and winding road to reach Y Linh Ho.

A hike passing Y Linh Ho commune is one of the nice routes in Muong Hoa valley. You can experience beautiful & untouched landscapes, take great photos of mountains, rice terraces, streams & villages down Muong Hoa valley. Besides, locals are quite friendly and you can expect to see the authentic daily life of Hmong people in their wooden and bamboo houses.

Once you come here, you will never forget. Let’s go!

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