Y Ty commune is located west of Bat Xat district, about 80 kms from Lao Cai town. Y Ty is dub “foggy land” with gorgeous terraced fields and the most beautiful earth walled houses in Lao Cai.

Y Ty is located at an altitude of over 2,000m, back leaning against the Nhiu Co San mountain range, whose top is 2,965m high, almost all over the cloud cover. Here is also the only place where many ethnic minority Ha Nhi live.
Y Ty has a cool weather year-round. Winter temperatures sometimes drop below 0°C. The road to Y Ty is a zigzag trail of narrowed paths, the houses looming in the clouds.

Depending on your individual time, you can arrange any time that suits you:
The cloud hunting season is from September to April next year.
The pouring season is from May to June, the fields are full of water, they are like picturesque pictures.
Yellow season is around the end of August until the end of September, depending on the year.

In recent years, Y Ty has focused on ripe rice on the occasion of autumn festival (next week of September 2).
At the end of the year, in winter, Y Ty is likely one of the possible snowfall spots with Sa Pa (Lao Cai province) and Mau Son (Lang Son province).

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