Sapa Glass Bridge (also called Cau Kinh Rong May which means Dragon in Cloud Glass Bridge) is located at O Quy Ho Pass which is only about 17kms from Sapa town center. This stunning bridge was built on the top of O Quy Ho Pass and at more than 500m of Hoang Lien Son Mountain cliff height.

Sapa Glass Bridge is the longest Glass Bridge in Indochina now. This bridge is not so big, only 60m long and 5m wide, however, at the height of more than 2000m above the sea level, the view from Sapa Glass Bridge is absolutely stunning. Besides, the Glass Bridge is about 60m far from the cliff bringing the 360o panorama view to the guests. It is made totally from crystal clear glass with 3 layers and has 7cm of thickness in total. The bridge’s glass is special high standard tempered glass which is not only can stand while carrying up to 3000 people on the bridge. However, to ensure the safety of Sapa Glass Bridge, only 500 people (at maximum) are allowed to walk on the bridge at the same time.

For people who come here in the cloud hunting season (from October to December), the Sapa Glass Bridge is definitely the best option beside the Fansipan Peak.

To reach the Glass Bridge area, tourists will use glass elevators which can carry up to 30 people each turn and travel at not so fast speed to guarantee the safety for tourists (they estimate that this elevator system can carry about 1200 people per hour). In addition, the elevators have 3 sides made of glass which bring to tourists the best view on the way up to the bridge.

Glass Bridge will attract visitors with its breathtakingly beautiful natural scenery of the foggy land with the undulating mountains of the Northwest. It promises to satisfy visitors with the natural wonders, a masterpiece given by nature.

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