Including cooking class & herbal foot massage
Tra Que is a small village (2km from Hoi An centre) that opens for tourist to discover rural life with cycling, cooking classes and being a farmer on one of the greenest, and most organic farm around. The land was established for gardening and farming 3 centuries ago, and now it is the main vegetables supplier for fine restaurants and hotels in Hoi An.
The excellent quality of Tra Que’s crops is the result of the nutritious soil, as a gift from Mother Nature in Tra Que village. There are more than 20 kinds of vegetables that grow on Tra Que’s land. And some of them can actually cure several illnesses and boost health.
At about 8.30 am tourists from their hotels start the tour by bikes to Tra Que Vegetable Village. They will pass through the bendy small narrow roads in the village to one of the typical local houses. Here, tourists will enjoy glasses of É (seeds from mint) herbal tea with own typical taste of the village. They will listen to the statement of the history of the foundation and development of the vegetable village. After that, the local farmers will take them to visit the vegetable gardens to see several kinds of vegetables and kinds of fennel. They can exchange the techniques of planting and looking after the vegetables with the local farmers. Tourists will practice vegetables farming with hoeing soil, planting, watering and harvesting vegetables, and so on. When we finish the vegetable cultivating, tourists will go to grassland to ride on a buffalo-back, taking photos or filming the scenery of Tra Que Vegetable Village.
Back to the local farmer’s house, you will be soaked with legs into warm basins cooked from medicinal herbs for treatment of rheumatism, muscle pains, and so on. Combining with foot massage, you will feel comfortable and relaxed after a long trip. Next, you will learn cooking class with the village by skilled and professional chef with dishes such as:
– Tam Huu (the food includes herbs, lean pork, onion and prawns)
– Banh xeo (rice pancake folded in half and filled with a shrimp, pork, bean sprouts)
After learning cooking, you will have lunch with some of the local food.

2:00 pm finish tour at your hotel.


Inclusive: Bicycle, tour guide, cooking class, Lunch, entrance fee, herbal foot massages
Exclusive:  Personal expenses, Tip….